Journey To The Center of the Earth (2008)


GetFlix said...

This will not be my most insightful review, nor will it be my most delightful review. But I had an interesting time based more from a technical perspective than from an entertainment perspective.

It always fun to have friends that host movie nights. It usually means popcorn, beer and many good laughs. It's even better when said friends use wedding gift money to go out and purchase a projection theatre with a 100 inch screen. What is it they say about home theatre . . . you can never be too big or too dark? (See!! See!! There it is!! Humor. It's back.)

Anyhoo, when I got the invite, my excitement waned a little upon hearing what flick they were going to watch. (They also have several different video gaming systems hooked-up, but that's for another post!!) But the key to getting regular invites to movie night, is to show-up to all the movies. Not just the ones you want to see. It's more of a social scene, and you can't be a movie snob. (What moi? A movie snob? Never.)

So I arrived about 10 minutes late, and got a few nasty looks from other "movie snobs" that had better things to do. The hostess had her buzz on and promptly served me a mixed drink. And I sat on the floor mattress.

Journey_TTCOTE. What can I say about the plot? Well, my mind wasn't really concerned with the plot at the time. I do remember the lead actress in hiking shorts, and a clingy strap t-shirt. And she was starting to sweat, because of the rising magma. Or is it lava? Wait, I think it is only lava after it erupts. Shit, it's been a long winter.

Needless to say, I got through the film. The 3D effects were okay. It's a great film for entertaining kids on a rainy day. There is nothing mean or suggestive in it, which for parents is a big plus.

Anonymous said...

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Prunella Jones said...

Haven't seen this. I did just see Coraline in 3D tho, and really liked it.