Aftermath 08


GetFlix said...

I know. My blog has been lacking. Three months is a long time to not have posted. But I haven't posted since October for a reason. Actually several reasons. And they all are related to the weather. Much of my free time in November revolved around getting an exterior chimney installed for a wood stove. This actually turned out to be one of my smarter moves. I found some excellent contractors, and they did a great job.

In mid-December a massive ice store swept through central New England. It rained trees, as thousands of branches snapped under the weight of frozen hell. Many towns lost power for days. I lost power for 10 days. It was one of the most difficult experiences I have ever gone through. With roads blocked, little communication, no internet or television, and weather below freezing, it was a tremendous mental and physical challenge.

And the ordeal didn't end once the juice came back on. Since that storm in December, the temperature here in New England has been well below freezing every day. All of January had temps on average 19 degrees. (You don't want to know what it was like at night.)

This situation just added to the task of cleaning up all the debris, not to mention everyday life. Fortunately, temperatures are back to the roaring normal of 30 degrees. (It feels warm.) And the snow pack is beginning to melt. It is a little sad to see all the trees that have been snapped, but what can I say? It was a big event, and it will take time to fix everything. I will try and post more. I miss all of my witty bloggers.

Terrible lie said...

Oh I am so srry.. It's cold here like that all winder.. But we are used to it..And I have my heat!
I hope everything comes together for you! And that picture looks horrible.. I heard this is the worst winter since the 50's..
We have not gotten that kinda frozen rain around here.. mostly snow.. I just couldn't amagine!
You'll be in my prayers forsure!

GetFlix said...

Thank-you for the kind words, Amber.

Prunella Jones said...

Wow! Poor GF. I'm be on the floor having convulsions when my internet goes down for ten minutes! Oy, I feel for you.

The frozen trees in the pic are pretty although that scene looks like a bummer.

Stay warm.

GetFlix said...

LOL, Pru!! My internets connection was down for over two weeks. And I will agree the ice on the trees was very pretty.

Okay, it was cosmic.

LA said...

Flix, OMG that's crazy! I'm glad to hear you are okay. How is Stinky doing?

Question... is this your business? http://www.getflix.com/

If so, I hope you're raking in the big bucks, what a genius idea.

LA said...

p.s. Did you take that picture or is it from the media? That photo is insane, it looks like a disaster zone.

prettykitty said...

wow. if you're trying to convince me to not move to the sticks and to the cooler climate, then you're doing a pretty good job. the below freezing temps wouldn't be a problem, but no internet or television for 10 days? forget hurricane katrina, you've never seen hurricane kitty.

congratulations on your survival.
wishing you warmth in 2009.

GetFlix said...

LOL, LA!! I wish that was my business. It would make things easier. That's really funny. Stinky is doing fine. I did lose all of my saltwater fish.

LA, I also refused to take any personal photos. It was, and continues to me a major event for almost everyone around here. (Especially property owners.) The tree damage is unbelievable.

But Kitty, we would have had to make our own survival warmth. (Perhaps everyday!!) And I did have a stockpile of food, booze and movies. I think you would have made it.

LA said...

Seriously, I can see booze as a strategy to keep warm.

Sorry about your fish, that's sad. :(

GetFlix said...

LA, I've recently purchased a few for my big tank. And the temps were close to 50 today.

It's been a loooooong winter.

LA said...

I hear New England is getting dumped on again. Hang in their, Flix. Spring is coming!