Chloe In The Afternoon

What an absolute gem! This is a French classic, the final installment in Director's Eric Rohmer's six moral tales series. This is the first movie I have ever seen by him. I initially didn't know what to expect from this DVD, and if you are expecting a hard hitting, over-the-edge drama, I can suggest you skip this title.

But if you are looking for a DVD that slowly draws you into a thick, brewing broth of emotions, that eventually boils over with a sudden conclusion, this rental is for you. Released in 1972, this film does not feel as dated as one would expect. The print transfer is decent, and there is nothing that distracts the viewer from the story. Sure the phones are huge, but for the most part the viewer will be able to overlook the few moments that shout seventies, and be able to focus on the story.

The first third of CITA, acts as a character study. Here we learn Frederic (Bernard Verley) is married to the attractive Helene (Francoise Verley) and lives in a neighborhood outside of Paris. He enjoys reading, and commutes on the train to work. He also enjoys watching women, and often wonders what it would be like not to be married.

The women that work in his office are attractive, and yet there is little evidence of any serious flirtation. We get the impression he is satisfied with his life, although if pushed, he may have an affair. That push comes with the unexpected visit of a former lover, Chloe (Zouzou) who seems desperate to gain control of her life and seduce Frederic at the same time. As the unpredictable Chloe emerges and disappears throughout the last two thirds of this tale, she lures Frederic closer to the pool of seduction. Will he jump in?

In conclusion, this is a great film. Subdued in tone, but somewhat serious in theme.


LA said...

This sounds good, I'll check it out.

GetFlix said...

La, it's quite the little gem!!