LA said...

Good luck to your Sox, Flix!

GetFlix said...

Thanks, LA. It's been much fun and really no bad feelings towards any of the other teams as the Yankees are not involved.

The series against the Indians was some of the best baseball I've ever seen. Both teams were excellent. If the Sox had lost, I would have still enjoyed watching the games.

Tonight's win against the Rockies seemed easy. But Beckett may be the best pitcher in the entire league.

Terrible lie said...

Not a baseball fan.. I do enjoy Sunday's in my pj's watching a good Football game though!
How about those Steelers!! hahahaha

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I can admit it. When I watch baseball, its mostly for those form fitting pants.

Personally, I prefer to play the game than watch it.

GetFlix said...

Amber, I hear you on football. It's my favorite, too. But it's hard not to get excited about a World Series at Fenway Park.

Mish, baseball is more fun to play than watch!!

Terrible lie said...

So i missed football on Sunday..
I was in Niagra Falls..
After I left you that message I checked out the scores..
Pittsburgh lost to Denver! 28-31
BOO!!! So now Pittsburgh is 4-2
We have to pick up our heels if we want to win games against teams like Dallas and New England!
Dever is now 3-3
Rothis was sacked I think like 4 or 5 times and through an interception.. He needs to give his head a shake.. Gotta love willi Parker though.. He has been tearing it up this year!

Yoga Gal said...

Let's go Red Sox!

LA said...

Congrats to the Sox!

(p.s. My 73-year-old mother emailed my brother asking him if he'd ever heard of "Red Sox Nation," and wondering how people gained membership. She was serious, it was so funny.)

Ryan said...

One of the most boring World Series on Record. I was pulling for the Colorado Rockies. They are a bunch of losers. They didn't even show up to win.

If my Red's aren't in the series I really could care less who wins. I do typically root for the National League team though.