The Thing (1982)


GetFlix said...

I hear funny things out here.
I don’t want to stay out here anymore.
Don’t walk behind me.
I don’t trust any of you.
From now on, no one gets out of my sight.
We should sleep in shifts.
Anybody tryin’ to leave, we kill ‘em.
He’s one of them!
You lying bastard.
I ain’t goin’ with Simmons.
Watch Clark.
Who says I want you going with me?
Everybody watch whoever you’re with.
You guys gonna let him give the orders?
Then I’ll have to kill you.
Let’s rush him. He’s not going to blow us all up.
Damn if I won’t.
Auxiliary light cables been cut.
Cut? Been pulled apart.
You’re going to have to sleep sometime.
Where’s the damn flashlight?
Makes you a murderer then. Don’t it?
Bring me a goddamn flashlight!
Bullets don’t kill these Things.
Screw the flashlight.
Blast him, Simmons!
It got to Childs and blew the generator.
Everybody’ll be dead inside twelve hours.
Not everybody.

Terrible lie said...

I have seen this movie...
A long time ago!!
And it made me feel oogy
Another is Dead Calm!

LA said...

Is that Kurt Russell?

GetFlix said...

Amber, oogy is a good word for this film. It's one of my favorites!!

LA, that's the man!! Kurt rules!!

Diane said...

I'll bet that is the entire dialogue! I haven't seen this, but my favorite Kurt Russell movie is Overboard

GetFlix said...

You're pretty close, Diane!! But it really is a great horror movie that has stood the test of time. A true classic.

I have not seen Overboard. But if you want a really great laugh, Used Cars is another Kurt classic from the same time period.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I like his Farrah Fawcett hair in this picture. It's very whispy.

John Carpenter is always entertaining!

Prunella Jones said...

I love this movie! I saw it many, many times as a kid. Kurt was mighty hot in it.

GetFlix said...

Mish, it's was the early eighties, and hair was searching for a new look. Unfortunately the mullet came along.

Pru, I've seen it several times, too!! It never gets boring.

prettykitty said...

let me guess. "the thing" lives in kurt russell's beard? of course i'm kidding. this is a great movie and kurt's hair never goes out of style.

D.O.M. Dan said...

I bet this one would have been great to see it in a theater. I've seen it several times on TV, and still love it. You're right - it has stood the test of time.

From an earlier post . . .
I finally got around to renting and watching An Inconvenient Truth. A real eye-opener. We all need to make changes. Now.