Film Review: Jaws


GetFlix said...

While much has been written about this famous film, I recently rented it, and saw it from a fresh perspective. And it being summer, I thought it would be fun to share some of my thoughts.

Jaws was the first huge summer hit. It was the first must-see movie, with the highest grossing revenues for two straight years. That fact is pretty amazing from a cultural standpoint. Especially in contrast to our current pop culture attention span. Can any of you imagine any current film being so esteemed that it remains the top earner for 700 straight days? It’s tough enough to just keep a motion picture in the top slot for seven weeks these days.

But aside from the two-note theme music, and really fake looking shark, Jaws remains a great film. What makes a film great? My answer is simple. If you can watch it, and never be reminded you are watching, it’s a great film. Flawless engagement. How easy was that?

And besides the outstanding cast of actors and actresses, (Lorraine Gary is great in her role as the chief’s wife,) Jaws is really about that real line in the sand, where our terrestrial safety meets the murky unknown mysteries of the marine. Jaws is about the beach and our culture and history with them.

Humans are instinctively blessed with a certain gene, one that has evolved over thousands of years, one that enables us to view the ocean with both awe and caution. Which is a good thing. The featured picture is a great moment in the film. The turning point when Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) and marine biologist Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) realize the shark is now hunting them, while Quinty (Robert Shaw) proceeds to burn out the Orca’s motor in a desperate attempt to return to land.

Inspiration for Jaws? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jersey_Shore_shark_attacks_of_1916

Prunella Jones said...

You're gonna need a bigger boat!

That's one of the best lines ever.

D.O.M. Dan said...

I'm finally able to comment on one of your posts where the movie you're reviewing is one that I've seen.

Jaws was a true thriller. The scariest scene for me was when Hooper was checking out the fishing boat at night, and the head popped into the hole.

The movie had such an impact on people, I sware beach goers didn't go into the water that summer ('77 I think).

GetFlix said...

That is a great line, Pru!!

Dan, it really did have a huge cultural impact! (I think it was released in 1975.)

LA said...

It was released in '75? That means I haven't seen this film in 32 years. Now THAT'S scary!

GetFlix said...

LA, that makes you a cult classic!!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I haven't seen it... yet! I swear I'm getting around to it. It's a light-hearted family flick, right?

GetFlix said...

Mish!! You're gonna have a blast when you first see it.

It's quite entertaining.

LA said...

You'll have to review me!

v said...

Ayup. JAWS changed the H-Wood game. The summer blockbuster was born, as well as the wide release. And the advertising used was, relatively, revolutionary.

Not to mention that it kind of put the film's director on the map.

Personally, I'm not the biggest fan, I mean it it a skillful thriller. And I think it shows how devoid of genuine talent mainstream H-Wood currently is that a 32 year-old summer blockbuster blows many of its modern counterparts out of the water.

Also, I'm almost certain JAWS wasn't the #1 weekend box office earner for almost 2 years. According to its wiki entry the movie was #1 for 5 straight weeks. Though the source link doesn't have all the data. In any case, I believe you're confusing the stat of top US domestic grossing film. JAWS quickly became the top grosser, but eventually was overtaken by STAR WARS in 1977.

GetFlix said...

LA, you get five stars!!

V, highest yearly grossing revenues is what I meant to say. And it was for two years in a row until Star Wars bumped it out of place in 1977!! I would imagine most of these ticket sales occurred during the summer months!!