What did you watch?


GetFlix said...
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GetFlix said...

"The television season is over! The television season is over! The television season is over!" Like a modern Paul Revere, I've been driving through local small towns, with a bullhorn sticking out my window, shouting this unfortunate message. It is true. And slightly sad. My second favorite activity will be slowing to a crawl over the summer months. How did I get this way? How have I become so attached to that glowing box on my kitchen counter? Well much of it has to do with the quality of the shows. Things have improved over the years. (And I am tired of going out.) So here is what I watched this year. Let me know what you watched. (What do you want? I had to post something!)

1. The Unit
2. Two And A Half Men
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Arrested Development
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. The Class
8. The Office
9. The King of Queens (post picture)
0. Letterman

Okay, spill the beans. I need new stuff for the summer.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

1. 24
2. Prison Break
3. American Idol (hangs head in shame)
4. House
5. The Office
6. My Name Is Earl
7. Grey's Anatomy
8. ER (occasionally)
9. October Road
10. Corner Gas
11. America's Next Top Model
12. The Young and the Restless!

I only watched The Office and Grey's religiously. The rest is stuff I picked up here and there. My television can also very addictive.

Not-So-Naughty Voyeur said...

I'm too stupid to remember to watch anything, and don't have Tivo. But, I did regularly watch HEROES. I caught American Idol now and then, and America's Next Top Model. Otherwise, 'Mission Organization' on HGTV I believe. Um, a variety of decorating shows I can not really watch while working at my desk :) Oh, and Cash in the Attic.. love that. And that show where people bring in their crap and find out if it's worth anything? Sorry.

GetFlix said...

Mish, I was watching 24 reruns awhile back from either the first or second season, and really liked it. (The season finale of "My Name Is Earl" was great!!)

NV, I only managed to see one episode of HEROES and really liked it. Anything home improvement, and I am there. Cash in the Attic Sounds great!!

ffleur said...

1. anything about archaeology. Last night I watched one about the Oracle of Delphi. Yes, I am a TV geek.

2. CSI. Las Vegas (the best), maybe Miami (its ok), NY (it looks so cold brrrr)

3. HGTV decorating shows

4. Cooking shows

5. Inspector Morse mysteries.

oh, hell. Lets face it. I spend most evenings on the computer. I have no life.

Prunella Jones said...

1. House

2. House reruns on channel 23

3. The Sarah Silverman show

4. The White Rapper on Vh1 (tho I was very disappointed in it. I thought they were going to have to speak in rap at all times, which would be my dream, but it turned out to be another "Real World" knock off)

5. Intervention on A&E

6. Those medical shows on The LEarning Channel like "The 100 Weirdest Things Ever Removed from the Human Body."

GetFlix said...

Ffleur, it's funny how different the two CSI shows are. But they're both good!! And does anybody even watch CSI NY?

Pru, I actually saw some Intervention!! Intense!! I don't think I could handle it on a regular basis.

LA said...

The shows I watch religiously are:
1. Brothers & Sisters
2. The Office
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Scrubs
5. Boston Legal

1. House
2. Desperate Housewives (kind of a default as it's on before Brothers and Sisters)
3. Lots of stuff on HGTV
4. Sex and the City reruns
5. October Road - Mishy, do you like it?

The show I am mourning over the most was a little failure of a show called Six Degrees. It started last fall on ABC amid much hype as it was from J.J. Abrams (Lost creator). It had a great cast, but it didn't do well at first. It was just starting to hit its stride creatively when they took it off the air for a "hiatus" in November. Then, they aired a couple new INCREDIBLE episodes in late March/early April. Unfortunately, ABC did nothing to promote its return, and it was promptly canceled. The good news is, ABC has graciously put the unaired episodes on ABC.com. The show just kept getting better.

Flix - Did you hear The Class got canceled? I watched a couple episodes early on but never got into it. I know a lot of men who liked that show.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

La: I didn't mind October Road... It started to suck me in. But really, I keep thinking to myself that if I was the girl and my high school boyfriend just up and left for 10 years when he was only supposed to be gone for 3 months and possibly left me pregnant with his kid, I wouldn't be so much in love with him, as want to kick his ass.

But to each their own, I suppose. What do you think about it?

LA said...

I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes the diaglogue was so bad, I physically cringed, but there was something that kept bringing me back (I did miss a couple episodes). I actually thought some of the best characters were the minor ones. I liked the female bartender and I liked The Colonel. The main character is probably the weakest link on the show. If you didn't hear, it was renewed for half the season next year, starting in the winter/spring.

LA said...

Almost forgot to mention a TV show I recently watched on DVD, recommended to me by Diane and EditThis. It's called Keen Eddie starring Mark Valley. Valley plays a NYC cop who is working with Scotland Yard in London. I'd call it a police show "light" because it's filled with humor. I highly recommend it as a rental.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

LA: Janet the bartender is the best character on the show.

Terrible lie said...

Honestly.. I don't follow much. I watch tid bits of everything.. I missed the finalies of Grey's and Hero's.. I and content sitting and watching re runs of *Thr Simpsons and *Family Guy.. Yes and I loved King Of Queens.. I watch it almost every day on UPN televishion!

GetFlix said...

LA, I dig your list, although I can't remember if I've ever seen house.

Amber, The King of Queens rules!! They run two back-to-back episodes every night on the UPN down here. It's the best!!

v said...

Shows I highly recommend:

House (really good)
30 ROCK (as funny as The Office)
The Office
The Unit
HEROES (perhaps more of a guilty pleasure, though at times very good)

I mainly watch PBS, these shows I highly, highly recommend:

Bill Moyers' JOURNAL
Independent Lens

And of course, ESPN.

Terrible lie said...

They do and it's usualy on even if I'm not sitting there watching it I have my tv on UPN all afternoon.. They have *My wife and kids,*Reba*King of queens*Simpsions*ect.. Until 8pm when all the weekly show's come on.. I love *Cold case files..I am watching it right now on A&E ..Sort of ..It's on.. * The first 48.. And any medical show's that are on TLC.. I love that shit!
I am a fan of Sunday football.. But I have to wait til the end of August for that..

GetFlix said...

V, I see House on a couple of posts, and now I am going to have to check it out. I am also a PBS fan. Frontline is simply required watching.

Amber, you've got my scene. I just turn the thing on and leave it on, even if I am not really watching it. What's up with that?

kookla@work said...

Duh..#1. American Idol. Now that both King of Queens is done, and AI is over, I wander aimlessly through the channels between Mondays and Wednesdays.

My schedule was something like this:
Saturday = SNL
Sunday = The Sopranos
Monday = King of Queens
Tues-Weds = American Idol
Thursday = Flavor of Love Charm School
Friday = Nothing

Now everyday is like Friday for me.

GetFlix said...

Kook, I hear you. Everyday is like Friday.

spoon said...

Grey's Anatomy - how will i live without it
How I Met Your Mother - don't really rate this one!
CSI: Las Vegas
House - love this cynical bas#ard
Weeds - rocks!

kookla@work said...

I try not to get too attached since everything I like gets cancelled. Case and point, this season alone "Smith" and "The Black Donnellys." Now that the Sopranos is having their series finale, I'm going to curl up in a fetal position and cry for about a year.

BTW: I didn't realize they're still showing King of Queens and Monday I saw a double header of the episode where Doug bought an Ice Cream Truck with their tax return and the one where he broke up with the lady who had the wrong number. Hilarious!!

GetFlix said...

Spoon, I really enjoyed the season's finale of Grey's Anatomy. But then I realized it was going to be a three months wait and was sad, too. (How I Met Your Mother rules!!!)

Kook, I've seen both of those episodes!!!

Diane said...

Hey - what happened to my list? I swear it was there around ffleur and pru . . . let's see if I can remember . . .

Currently watching:
The Office
30 Rock

Highly recommended

The Wire

Sometimes watch

Law & Order CI
Law & Order reruns
Criminal Minds
Boston Legal
PBS and BBC mysteries

GetFlix said...

Diane, your list has some of my list. I am glad someone else likes NCIS. Have you ever seen The Unit?

Diane said...

flix - I haven't seen it - I'll check it out! I'm always surprised by how much I like NCIS . .

Ryan said...

Sorry, but I hate the King of Queens due to that hag Leah Remini. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Now that all the shows have wrapped for the summer, I am looking for shows that I haven't seen before in their summer "encores."

Here are my viewing habits -

Sunday - DH and Brothers & Sisters

Monday - Nada

Tuesday - American Idol and Law & Order SVU

Wednesday - American Idol and whatever Bravo show is at 10pm (Top Chef, Project Runway, Top Design, Kathy Griffin, etc.)

Thursday - Grey's Anatomy and ER

Friday - Nada

Saturday - SNL on DVR

I love most shows on HBO but typically wait til they are out on dvd so I can watch them all at once.

spoon said...

Soooo not with you on how i met your mother!!!!! Won't fight you for the last copy at the record store!!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Ryan: Ok, I love Kathy Griffin too. She may be a crazy bitch, but she sure knows how to crack me up!

GetFlix said...

Ryan, I admire you list. Mondays and Fridays are blank!!

Spoon, I bet Grey's Anatomy is a different story!!

Mish, I think she's crazy, too. But in a funny way.

Queenie said...

Television that I have watched over the last several years:

Caroline in the City
Judging Amy
The Hour
The Office
Just For Laughs Gags
Arrested Development
Big Love
and now once in awhile Chuck.
the news, but not really CNN
and sometimes the last year of something, like Friends


Queenie said...


I really do.