James Bond: For Real

Okay, do I have to admit Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever? I know. I know. You gals love him. And I will admit to being pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Casino Royale. I may even rent it again. (But it's no "From Russia With Love" my friends. Rent that classic, and then we'll talk.)

With that said, did anyone get a chance to check out the bonus disc? It has a rather excellent documentary titled: "James Bond: For Real," and it kicks some serious ass. Running around 30 minutes in length, it details the action scenes from the film in a rather precise and deliberate fashion, without becoming boring. Each action sequence is complete with cast interviews, explaining the production crew's planning and testing of each stunt. We get to see how camera placement adds to the needed deception of modern special effects. (Forget blue screen, it's green screen, baby!)

Another cool aspect of this short is the video tap of the actual stunts. Video taps are viewed by the director shortly after each take, to determine what film footage actually gets developed. A rather recent technological development, it involves a video camera built into the motion picture camera that "duplicates" the film shot and allows the director to decide what actually will make it to the editor. In the old days, everything shot was developed, a rather costly engagement. But now directors can review the video, make selects and save on production costs. In the case of this documentary, the video taps are carefully edited into each scene, giving the viewer a rather engaging perspective into the world of filmmaking.


Prunella's cousin Edith the poetess said...

I like a more rough and manly Bond. Those pretty boys were such a yawn. Sean Connery was the best tho IMO.

prettykitty said...

dude, i can't believe you beat me to a casino royale review. and i also can't believe you left out the nude torture scene. BEST BOND EVER!

i'm gonna refresh my memory and check this out again this weekend. great review!

Terrible lie said...

I have never watvched a single one

Terrible lie said...

Sooooo I went to see "300" And I would have to say it was just okay... Now It had alot of really cool fight scenes and some hot sex sences.. Not to mention the guys are in perfect shape..Although this movie could have been sooo much better.. The end sucked...It's worth watching at home im sure..

A few other movies I have seen lately are.... "Blood Diamond" An amazing movie..I plan on writing a post about this one!!! "Children of men" Not too shabby.. Good enough to rent i'd say.. The story line was good I thought..
"Pursuit of happiness" I wanted to slit my wrists when it was over..Although it was a very good movie!

LA said...

Based on my age and the Bond films I've seen, Roger Moore is still Bond to me.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Daniel Craig is growing on me. I still have to see Casino Royale though. Maybe that will be what I do today?

Diane said...

I'll definitely check out the extras! I loved, loved, loved DC in Casino Royale, but the early Bond films w/ Connery are classics - Dr. No and From Russia with Love are 2 personal favorites

v said...

The DVD has been the greatest innovation for all film buffs. Yeah, the studios have used it to create 2 DVD packs, but for the film you adore it is worth it. Because the extras, from bloopers to deleted scenes to expert commentary, are so full of wonderful insights, info, and tidbits that they are definitely worth it.

And that's very cool about the use of video taps. As always, great post GetFlix!

GetFlix said...

Edith, I agree with you. Times call for a rougher Bond.

PrettyK, I know you've been too busy dreaming of Craig as to actually write about him!

Amber, I really want to see Blood Diamond. It looks amazing.

LA, never admit to seeing Roger Moore as Bond!! We should try and forget those films.

Mish, go for it!! And check out the documentary. It's only 30 minutes long.

Diane, I think he makes a great Bond. I was complaining about him on D-listed awhile back, but agree now he was a good choice.

What V said. (And thanks!)

NY KAT said...

I watched Casino Royale and it was my favorite Bond movie by far! I also thought the extra footage on how the stunts were done was very interesting.